Aquatic weeds in a Sacramento-area drainage channel.

Join us for the 76th California Weed Science Society (CWSS) Annual Conference in Santa Barbara, from January 24 to January 26. Established in 1948, CWSS has been at the forefront of providing professional education, fostering information exchange, and encouraging research in weed science. CWSS serves as a vital forum for addressing public issues in weed science, supporting students pursuing careers in the field, and promoting collaboration among individuals, agencies, and organizations dedicated to weed science.

We are excited to to announce that Blankinship and Associates Senior Biologist Stephen Burkholder will be presenting at this years event. Stephen, a recognized expert in the field of aquatic weed management, will be presenting information on the new Statewide Aquatic Weed Control Permit that is currently being developed by the State Water Resources Control Board. You can read more about the new Permit here.

Stephen’s presentation will guide attendees on how to comply with the current permit, discuss recent revisions to the definition of Waters of the United States (WOTUS), and emphasize the significance of stakeholder input in shaping a permit that is both protective of water quality and practical for implementation. This is a unique opportunity to gain insights into the evolving landscape of aquatic weed management and actively contribute to the development of policies that impact our industry.

Your Participation Matters

Be part of this engaging session, where audience comments will be collected and shared directly with SWRCB staff. Your input is invaluable in shaping a permit that not only meets regulatory standards but also aligns with the practical needs of those on the front lines of weed science.

Don’t miss this chance to connect with fellow professionals, stay informed about the latest developments in weed science, and actively contribute to the future of aquatic weed management. Register now for the CWSS Annual Meeting and be a part of shaping the future of weed science in California.

Register for the conference through the CWSS website, here.